California Court Confirms: Employers are Liable for Sexual Harassment by Non-Employees

With all of the recent news surrounding workplace sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by politicians, news anchors, celebrities, and other high-profile persons, it comes as no surprise that a California court has weighed in on the issue of workplace sexual harassment. In M.F. v. Pacific Pearl Hotel Management LLC, the Fourth District Court of Appeal […]

Accidental Pay Stub Violations Create PAGA Liability

California Labor Code §226 requires employers to provide employees with pay stubs (or wage statements) containing nine different pieces of information: — the employer’s name and legal address; — the employee’s name and employee identification number (or last 4 digits of the employee’s social security number); — the pay period, including the start date and end […]

Governor Signs SB 396 to Protect Transgender Employees and Combat Discrimination

According to a 2016 study by the Williams Institute at UCLA, there are over 220,000 transgender adults in California.  California has just taken a major step towards protecting their employment rights. On October 15, 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 396.  Known as the “Transgender Work Opportunity Act,” SB 396 makes California the first […]

Governor Signs AB 1008 and Brings “Ban the Box” to Private Employers

Existing California law prohibits public employers (e.g., the State of California, cities, government agencies, public universities) from asking an applicant to disclose his/her prior conviction history until the applicant receives a qualified offer of employment.  This law is referred to as “ban the box” because it prohibits employers from asking if the applicant has ever […]

Governor Signs AB 168 Prohibiting Employers From Considering Salary History When Hiring

On October 12, 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 168.  This new law, which becomes effective on January 1, 2018, will prohibit all employers in California from asking about, or relying on, an applicant’s prior salary history when deciding whether to offer a job and how much to pay.  AB 168 will supplement California’s […]