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My Blog Has Moved!

Effective January 1, 2018, my law practice became Workplace Legal, A Professional Law Corporation.  Please visit my new website and my new blog.  Once on my new site, you can subscribe to my blog by email or RSS just as you did here.  That way, you’ll continue to stay informed about critical, current HR and employment […]

How Good Leaders Get Valuable, Candid, and Critical Feedback

Today I came across a short but interesting article from Harvard Business Review about how effective leaders get honest, critical feedback from their co-workers. The article’s author, Ron Carucci, argues that you don’t need to have a formal 360 evaluation system to get valuable feedback; in fact, the author argues, due to anonymity a 360 […]

California Court Confirms: Employers are Liable for Sexual Harassment by Non-Employees

With all of the recent news surrounding workplace sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by politicians, news anchors, celebrities, and other high-profile persons, it comes as no surprise that a California court has weighed in on the issue of workplace sexual harassment. In M.F. v. Pacific Pearl Hotel Management LLC, the Fourth District Court of Appeal […]

Accidental Pay Stub Violations Create PAGA Liability

California Labor Code §226 requires employers to provide employees with pay stubs (or wage statements) containing nine different pieces of information: — the employer’s name and legal address; — the employee’s name and employee identification number (or last 4 digits of the employee’s social security number); — the pay period, including the start date and end […]

The Toxicity of Office Politics to High Potential Employees

Predicting and identifying top leadership traits is a focus of academics and HR professionals alike.  But most businesses are poor evaluators of human potential. Despite the fact that science has given us robust tools to identify, measure, and evaluate indicators, organizations often make employee evaluation mistakes.  In fact, according to a recent Wharton School of Business […]